Parles Rekem Webinars

Return To School - 

Special Education Update

Presented live August 27, 2020

COVID-Issues Impacting 
Adult Services Update

Presented live August 25, 2020

Accessing Educational Services During The Covid-10 Crisis

Presented live toNCSA April 7, 2020

Goals, Goals, Goals...

What Drives the IEP??

Presented live April 6, 2017

Understanding Your Child’s Evaluation:

What Does It Tell Me About My Child?

How Can A Comprehensive Evaluation

Help me Advocate?

Presented live March 30, 2017

Preparing For Your Child's

Annual IEP Meeting

Presented live March 16, 2017, 12:30 pm

What's in Your Child's IEP?

Presented live March 9, 2017

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